Underfloor heating. Optimal Comfort Meets Peak Efficiency.

We have the technical expertise and industry experience to provide you with a comprehensive flooring solution that seamlessly integrates underfloor heating with screeds.

Our underfloor heating systems are meticulously designed to meet the standards of BS EN 1264 parts 1-5, ensuring optimal heat output and long-lasting performance.

Our underfloor heating systems are designed with high-quality materials that are built cater to the demands of modern buildings and withstand the lifespan of the structure. They deliver superior heat distribution and efficiency, creating a comfortable and cosy environment.

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Underfloor heating. Adaptable Systems for Every Floor Type & Project

We understand that different floor structures and coverings require specific products to maximize heat output. Whether you need a traditional system for cementitious or calcium sulphate screeds, a timber floor system for joisted or battened floors, an acoustic or sports floor system, or a low-profile system for renovation projects, we have you covered.

Our underfloor heating solutions are suitable for both commercial and residential projects, providing reliable and efficient heating solutions for various spaces. With our expertise and comprehensive product range, we ensure that you receive a complete flooring package that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

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