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South Bank Tower, London

Services: Underfloor Heating
Sectors: Domestic
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The Specialist Flooring Group was tasked with a unique challenge: to install underfloor heating in a location surrounded by some of London’s most iconic landmarks. From this exceptional vantage point, residents can enjoy panoramic views of the City of London to the North, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge to the East, Battersea Power Station to the South, and the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament to the West.

This location’s prestige called for a heating solution that could deliver comfort without compromising the tower’s aesthetic appeal. Our team rose to this challenge with the installation of underfloor heating, a system renowned for its ability to provide consistent, controllable warmth.

The underfloor heating system we installed is designed to be invisible and unobtrusive, fitting seamlessly into the tower’s luxurious interior design. It offers residents the comfort of on-demand heating, providing warmth exactly when and where it’s needed.

Despite the complexity of the project, our team managed to execute the installation with minimal disruption to the tower’s operations. We worked meticulously to ensure the system was installed correctly, testing it thoroughly to confirm its efficiency.

The result is an underfloor heating system that not only meets the needs of the South Bank Tower’s residents but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the building. It’s a testament to The Specialist Flooring Group commitment to delivering bespoke, high-quality flooring and heating solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project.