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Vistec House, Croydon, London 

Services: Underfloor Heating
Sectors: Commercial Office
Contractor: Paul Simon Homes
Value: £550k
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In the vibrant neighbourhood of West Croydon, London, a captivating venture was unfurling with the reimagining of a block of lacklustre commercial office spaces into an enticing mix of modern studio apartments, poised to redefine the realm of residential living. 

Within this visionary renovation, the paramount objectives for us were sustainability and unwavering comfort. Tasked with a comprehensive brief, our mission was twofold: to meticulously specify the perfect heating and soundproofing solutions, and to breathe new life into areas of the flooring that were unsuitable for conventional finishes at this stage. 

In pursuit of perfection, we proposed a solution that left no stone unturned. A symphony of water and electric underfloor heating systems, ingeniously interwoven, emerged as the cornerstone of our strategy. This gave unparalleled warmth and serenity for the future residents. To safeguard their sanctuary from noise pollution, we specified the right acoustic flooring system to stand as an impregnable barrier, ensuring tranquility once the residential block bustled with life.  

Our attention to detail extended to the very last detail, as we applied screedboard and thin renovation screeds wherever needed, unveiling a flawless canvas for the final finished flooring. 

Our resolute commitment to sustainability and comfort had culminated in a magnificent fusion of innovation and craftsmanship.