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Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Woking

Services: Screed
Sectors: Hospitality, Retail
Contractor: Basebuild Ltd
Value: £275k
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Located in the heart of Woking, Surrey, Victoria Place Shopping Centre stands tall as a captivating embodiment of retail, leisure, and hospitality. As the centre embarked on a monumental journey of revitalisation, its resolute objective was to breathe new life into the town centre, attracting a throng of new visitors.  

It is with great pride that we were tasked with the remarkable opportunity to contribute our expertise in delivering exceptional flooring solutions across various areas of this shopping centre development. 

Our task was no small feat. The bustling corridors and dynamic spaces demanded flooring solutions that could withstand the relentless onslaught of heavy footfall, both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, we were acutely aware that our flooring choices needed to harmonise seamlessly with the overall vision of the renovation project, elevating the development’s grandeur to new heights. 

With meticulous care and consideration, we curated a selection of extraordinary solutions that exuded resilience and quality. The foundation of our approach lay in the laying of Isocrete K Screed, a testament to quality and durability. To complement this, we installed Altro flooring, renowned for its unrivalled excellence in high-traffic environments. Additionally, we adorned select spaces with timeless ceramic and porcelain flooring tiles, blending beauty and functionality across all spaces. 

Our flooring solutions resonated with the very essence of Victoria Place Shopping Centre’s transformative journey, embodying the spirit of excellence that permeated the entire development.