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UCLE, Stratford 

Services: Bespoke Flooring
Sectors: Arts
Contractor: Vinci Construction
Value: £650k
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Immersed in a realm of academic brilliance, where a staggering 30 Nobel Prize laureates have emerged from the ranks of its esteemed alumni and dedicated faculty, our team fully recognized the magnitude of the undertaking that lay before us. This was a project that demanded every ounce of our expertise and experience. 

Nestled within the enchanting confines of Stratford, London, UCLE beckoned as a hub of relentless exploration. Not merely a sanctuary for countless students, but also an inviting haven for the public, offering captivating exhibitions and captivating art displays on a regular basis. The prospect of contributing to such an extraordinary institution alongside the main contractors filled us with exhilaration. 

Enthralled by the opportunity, we wholeheartedly embraced the task of providing an impeccably tailored flooring solution for diverse areas within the development. Our meticulous specification and installation encompassed a remarkable array of flooring materials, including the revolutionary Nora Rubber Flooring, which boasts a remarkable CO2-neutral profile. Furthermore, we adorned select spaces with the exquisite Forbo Carpet Tiles, renowned not only for their visually stunning aesthetics, but also for their unrivalled performance in the face of demanding, high-traffic environments. Additionally, we incorporated the pinnacle of excellence with the high-quality Altro flooring, setting new benchmarks for durability and sophistication. 

With boundless enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, we ensured that UCLE’s flooring surpassed all expectations, harmoniously blending functionality, sustainability, and unparalleled beauty.