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The Mall, Maidstone

Services: Bespoke Flooring
Sectors: Retail
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In a concerted effort to revitalize the shopping experience and infuse a touch of modern elegance, the Mall in Maidstone embarked on a comprehensive £5 million refurbishment project. This endeavour, which began in June and concluded in the spring of 2016, aimed to transform the centre into a more visually appealing and vibrant shopping destination.

The Specialist Flooring Group played a significant role in this transformation. Our team was tasked with the critical job of installing a new contemporary floor, a project that required not only technical proficiency but also meticulous planning and coordination.

Understanding the importance of minimising disruption to the Mall’s operations, our team adopted a unique approach. We worked through the night, when the centre was closed, ensuring that the business could continue as usual during the day. This strategy required precise timing, efficiency, and dedication – qualities that our team displayed in abundance.

The process involved carefully removing the existing flooring to make way for the new installation. We then used high-quality Ardex NA and Ardex A35 products to prepare the floor, ensuring an optimal surface for the new tiles. This step was crucial in guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the flooring, key factors in high-traffic areas such as a bustling shopping centre.

Through our dedication to excellence and commitment to seamless service, we were able to contribute significantly to the Mall’s transformation. The final result was a refreshed, modern floor that not only enhanced the visual appeal of the centre but also stood up to the demands of a high-traffic commercial environment.