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Hasting Pier, Hastings

Services: Bespoke Flooring, Screed, Underfloor Heating
Sectors: Leisure
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Specialist Flooring Group is honoured to contribute to the revitalisation of an iconic landmark, the Hastings Pier. The £14.2m refurbishment project has been a journey marked by resilience, community spirit, and adaptation to the elements.

Our role in this epic renewal involved the installation of Tekfloor fibre 550, 50mm grooved insulation board, underfloor heating systems, followed by screed board dry floor construction. Despite the project’s challenges, including a constantly shifting timeline due to weather and structural complexities, our team completed this phase of the restoration on time and within budget.

The Hastings Pier has a rich narrative, one marked by triumph over adversity. Initially closed in 2008, the Pier’s restoration was championed by the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust. Their effort led to a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund. However, in 2010, a devastating fire nearly obliterated the Pier, leading to significant changes in the restoration plans.

Despite the setbacks, the Hastings Pier Charity and the generous support from community shareholders and funders like the Heritage Lottery Fund, have ensured the project’s progress. As a result, the Pier’s rebirth will not only offer a modern, user-friendly space for Hastings’ residents but will also serve as an enticing attraction for visitors to the town.

As we continue our journey with the Hastings Pier, Specialist Flooring Group is proud to showcase our commitment to quality, durability and aesthetic appeal, even in the most challenging of projects.